A student has a small battery-powered alarm buzzer. The student throws the buzzer toward a stationary wall (possibly due to frustration following a physics midterm examination). The buzzer emits sound with a frequency of 74 Hz, and the wall reflects the sound. If the buzzer is moving directly away from the student (and directly toward the wall) with a speed of 2.3 m/s, what beat frequency would the student hear?
The speed of sound is 340 m/s. The student stands still after throwing the buzzer.

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  1. F2 = (Vs_Vr)/(Vs+Vg) * F1.
    F2 = (340-0)/340+2.3) * 74 = 73.5 Hz.

    Fb = F1-F2 = 74 - 73.5 = 0.5 Hz.

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