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A metal x with relative atomic mass of 56forms an oxide with formul X2O3 .How many grams of the metals will combine with 10g of oxygen
Ethane burns completely in oxygen according to the equations below
C2H6+7¡2O2~2CO +3H2O what is the amount in moles of carbon (iv)oxide will be produced when 6•0g of ethane are completely burnt in oxygen

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  1. Your school subject seems to be chemistry.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 4X + 3O2>>2X2O3

    well, four moles of X will react with three moles of O2.

    moles O2= 10g/32g= 10/32
    so we need 4/3 of 10/32 or
    40/96 moles of X. What is the mass of that? 56*40/96

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