Why is it important that "The Story of an Hour" takes place in the nineteenth century?

In the nineteenth century, women were not considered equal to men. ***

The characters use nineteenth-century expressions that are hard to understand. ***

Nowadays, people don't die in train accidents.

The story could only take place in the United States.

Which detail in "The Story of an Hour" provides an example of irony?

In Louise's eyes, her husband's death has freed her, but in fact he is alive.

The story was written a century ago, but is still has meaning today.

Josephine is upset at her sister Louise's distress. ***

When Brentley returns, he says the opposite of what he means.

For the first one I'm confused because I wanna go with either A or B

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asked by Selena
  1. If you can explain why you'd choose A or why you'd choose B for the first question, I'll see if I can help.

    I disagree with your choice for the second question.

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    posted by Writeacher
  2. Well for the first one I immediately scratched out C and D because they didn't make sense and had nothing to do with what the question was asking, so I stuck between A and B because but now I'm re-thinking and feel it might be D.

    Could you explain why my choice was wrong for number 2?

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    posted by Selena
  3. No, you were right to eliminate C and D. Keep on thinking about A and B for the first one.

    Read about irony here:
    Read ALL of it carefully. Then re-think.

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    posted by Writeacher

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