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  1. English

    When you need to find a more precise word to express your meaning, the best place to check would be a: A. pocket dictionary. B. reference manual. C. thesaurus. D. dictionary of antonyms. C

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  2. someones GOTTA help me with this science...!!!

    1. Which of the following describes the correct sequence of events during the water cycle? (1 point)precipitation ¨ condensation ¨ evaporation ¨ runoff condensation ¨ precipitation ¨ runoff ¨ evaporation runoff

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  3. Writing Skills, Part 3

    6. You have found an article in the Readers' Guide that you want to locate. What information would be least important in finding it? A. Subject heading B. Volume and page numbers C. Author's name D. Title of the article Student

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    i need 7 facts on michelangelo Here are two really interesting sites.

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  5. gifted talented science

    pls, help! this is hard and confusing! 1. How does runoff affect a community? (1 point) Runoff can supply new homes and businesses with the water that they need. Runoff can provide the water that fish in streams and lakes rely on.

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  1. vocab-true or false

    True or False: 1. A subway breakdown at rush hour can rejuvenate hundreds of commuters 2. In the 19th century, workers were sometimes exploited by their employers. 3. Heavyweight boxers do not inflict any pain or injury on one

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  2. pH

    9. The pH of food entering the duodenum is changed from acidic to alkaline by A. gastric juices B. bile pigments C. intestinal enzymes D. pancreatic secretions I am unsure I think It is d YEP YOU ARE CORRECT!!!! Nope. Use the

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  3. English

    Hey i need to write a essay about the concepts of a epic hero and a modern hero like how they change and so far i have this can u take a look at it? Has the concept of the epic changed that much over time? Or, do they still have

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  4. Environmental Science

    Which of the following is a source of point pollution? a.unlined landfill b.runoff from city streets c.precipitation containing air pollution d.runoff from farms d Yep, it is d.

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  5. Science

    Which best describes a correct order of the water cycle? * 1 point precipitation, runoff, condensation, evaporation, precipitation precipitation, runoff, evaporation, condensation, precipitation precipitation, evaporation,

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  6. english/antonyms

    What is the antonym for these words? scatter double artificial valuable private knowledge close sane Type words in box and search at link below: Does this really work?I tried it millions of times

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