Cabrina and Dabney are at a conference in Seattle. Cabrina drives home to Boise at an average speed of 65 mph and Dabney drives home to Portland at 50 mph. If the sum of their driving times is 11.4 hours and if the sum of the distances driven is 690 miles, determine the time each person spent driving.

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  1. Cabrina's distance --- x miles
    Dabney's distance = 690-x

    Cabrina's time = x/65
    Dabneys time = (690-x)/50

    x/65 + (690-x)/50 = 11.4
    times 650 , the LCD
    10x + 13(690-x) = 7410
    10x + 8970 - 13x = 7410
    -3x = -1560
    x = 520


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    posted by Reiny

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