social psycology

If your norm is one that people outside a particular group would be unfamiliar with, you may have to go into some detail so that people outside the group can comprehend how what you did constituted breaking a norm

does this sound good
The way I broke my norm was that one day I decided me and a friend wanted to break are norm so we wanted to dress all in black clothes and I tried to mess my hair style the way I groom it every now and then I went out to the movies looking like a punk rocker with all different color of hair which that was way out of my norm. People that know me and individuals that did not know me had stopped and stared at me and was whispering like they were saying look at that girl. I looked strange the way I dressed and my hair all different colored and my friends that I was not with and people that did not know me had many different reactions and facial expression. Therefore, yes, people have different reactions to the way we dressed and show it in public.

asked by Ann
  1. No!

    Your first sentence is a run-on sense.
    Other mistakes:
    my friend and I

    There are many more mistakes.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. okay Thank you I will go correct the errors

    posted by Ann
  3. If you post your corrections, then we can move on to the second sentence.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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