1) What are the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of the statement? Which statements are true? If the figure is a rectangle with sides 2 cm and 3 cm, then it has a perimeter of 10cm.
My A: the statement is not true.

2) What are the hypothesis and the conclusion of the following statement? Write it as a conditional. Residents of Key West live in Florida.
My A: That residents in Key West always live in Florida.

3) Test the statement to see if it is reversible. If so, write it as a true biconditional. If not, write not reversible. A perpendicular bisector of a segment is a line, segment, or ray that is perpendicular to a segment at its midpoint.
My A: A perpendicular bisector is a segment of a line and ray.

4) Why is the following statement a poor definition? Elephants are gigantic animals.
My A: Not all elephants are gigantic

5) Name the property of equality or congruence that justifies going from the first statement to the second statement. m A = m S and m S = m K, then m A = m K
My A: I'm very confused

6) 𝑃𝐵⃗⃗⃗⃗⃗ bisects ⦟RPT so that m⦟RPB = x + 2 and m⦟TPB = 2x – 6. What is m⦟RPT?
My A: -2

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  1. Given the conditional statement, "If it is a bird, then the animal can fly," the converse is "It is an animal that can fly, then it is not a bird."

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