An object with a weight of 150 N hangs from the ceiling as shown in the figure.
1) Find the tension in each string. q1 = 60 degree and q2 = 45 degree

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  1. 1. -T1*Cos60 = -T2*Cos45.
    T1 = -T2*Cos45/-Cos60 = 1.41T2.

    T1*sin60 + T2*sin45 = -(-150).
    0.866T1 + 0.707T2 = 150,
    0.866*(1.41T2) + 0.707T2 = 150,
    1.225T2 + 0.707T2 = 150,
    1.93T2 = 150, T2 = 77.7 N.

    T1 = 1.41 * 77.7 = 109.9 N.

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