Check answers?
1) Why did J.J. Thomson reason that electrons must be a part of the atoms of all elements?
A) Cathode rays are negatively charged particles****
B) Cathode rays can be deflected by magnets
C) An electron is 2000 times lighter than a hydrogen atom
D) Charge-to-mass ratio of electrons was the same, regardless of the gas used

2) Who conducted experiments to determine the quantity of charge carried by an electron?
A) Rutherford
B) Millikan
C) Dalton****
D) Thomson

3) What is the relative mass of an electron?
A) 1/1840 the mass of a hydrogen atom
B) 1/1840 the mass of a neutron + proton***
C) 1/1840 the mass of a C-12 atom
D)1/1840 the mass of an alpha particle

4) All stable atoms are ____.
A) positively charged, with the number of protons exceeding the number of electrons
B) negatively charged, with the number of electrons exceeding the number of protons
C) neutral, with the number of protons equaling the number of electrons
D) neutral, with the number of protons equaling the number of electrons, which is equal to the number of neutrons*****

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  1. All of the answers for 1 are true but I don't think A is the best one.
    2,3,4 are not right.

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  2. A b c d

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  3. 72

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  4. 1. D
    2. B
    3. A
    4. C

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  5. D b a c ya heard!

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  6. They're correct ^^

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  7. a,b,c,d

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  8. The very first one with the answers are incorrect.

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