Ms. Jones wrote the equation below on the board.

x divided by 42=21

If the equation Ms. Jones wrote is true which of the following equations must be true?

a. x=21 divided by 42

b. x=21 x 42

c. x=42 divided by 21

d. x=21 plus 42

I am not sure where to begin on this at all. Can you guide me on what to do?

Thank you

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  1. x/42 = 21
    The first step is to multiply both sides by 42.
    x = 882

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I think I just solved it.

    I just watched a video on how to do division equations so it would be using inverse multiplication.

    x times 1=882

    To check

    Do I have the proper understanding of this somewhat.

    Let me ask you one thing though. This video that I just watched. I don't understand why they do
    x/42x42 and then get x times 1.

    Can you explain this?

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  3. I can't explain about all of the problem, but the video did it the same way I did.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. Ty Ms. Sue

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  5. You're welcome, Matt.

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    Ms. Sue

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