maths need help

determine arcsinh(2+i) in form of a+bi

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  1. I'm sure you know that

    arcsinh(z) = log(z+โˆš(1+z^2))
    arcsinh(2+i) = log(2+i + โˆš(4+2i))
    = log(4.058 + 1.486i)

    Now log(z) = log(x+yi)
    = log(โˆš(x^2+y^2) + i arctan(y/x)

    So, plug in your z value above and crank it out.

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  2. google arcsinh to get the definition I gave

    google complex logarithm to find how to evaluate it.

    Surely you have enough keywords to do some research yourself. I didn't know that stuff either, but I know how to search for it.

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