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Please Help! I don't know what the equation is and Google isn't helping!!! Please tell me the equation and how you could get the answer of each?

A student is the 35th counted from the front end and the 40th counted from the back end. How many students are in a line?

There are 300 people on a line. How many people are there between the 35th person from the front end to the 125th person from the back end?

There are 300 people on a line. How many people are there between the 35th person from the front end and the 125th person from the back end?

( I don't understand what to do, explanation?)
How many integer multiples of 3 are there between 100& 1,000

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  1. 1. N = (35-1) + (40-1) + 1 =

    2. N = (35-1) + (300-125) = 209.

    3. N = (35-1) + (300-125) = 209.

    4. (1000-100)/3 = 300.

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