Management /economics

I really don't understand some of the questions but i tried my best so my answers are :

1. A
2. E
3. A
4. B
5. E

please check and help :)

1. The chance that a society can actually achieve full employment is ________ percent.
Select one:
A. 1
B. 75
C. 10
D. 0
E. 45

2. Viral marketing can result in ________ when compared to traditional marketing.
Select one:
A. quicker consumer awareness and higher costs
B. lower rates of recall and higher costs
C. lower rates of recall and slower consumer awareness
D. slower consumer awareness and a wider reach
E. faster consumer awareness and a wider reach

3. The economy in the African nation Sponeto has been stagnant for a long time. The government and central bank of Sponeto have been considering options for what can be done to help stimulate investment and growth in the economy.

Many in the Sponeto government agree that increasing the money supply to the nation's economy would be of significant help to the country. The national bank's reserve, however, is short on the funds needed, and suggests asking for them from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Which of the following, if true, would strengthen the case for this course of action?
Select one:
A. The IMF contributes money as well as financial advice to help countries with economies suffering from balance-of-payment problems.
B. The IMF has been known to force donor countries to privatize national companies.
C. The IMF has been known to force donor countries to drop tariffs put in place to protect domestic industries.
D. A number of developing countries have suffered financial disasters from following IMF advice.
E. IMF loans typically come with many conditions attached that may result in increased poverty in the donor country.

4. Marquand says: Information technology has had its biggest impact on business in communication and access to data. With the networking and streamlined communication modalities now available to businesses, businesses can collaborate with each other as well as within a business at different locations with the greatest of ease. Businesses also have access to a greater range of information and at a greater speed than ever before. And with this information being constantly updated, businesses now have the ability to plan in response to market conditions with much greater efficiency than before.

Stevenson responds: Information is important, but what's most important is how that information is used. And there is no more direct way that information technology has helped businesses than the ability to sell directly. Selling online has opened up entirely new markets that allow businesses to make greater profits, with greater efficiency, than ever before. Many businesses, such as Amazon, have been able to use online selling exclusively to dramatic effect: without having to spend money on bricks-and-mortar storefronts, they can make billions in profits selling products at low prices.

Which of the following, if true, would best support Stevenson's position?
Select one:
A. Businesses that exclusively sell online have been the fastest-growing.
B. The most successful businesses are those that make use of information technology.
C. Many more businesses sell their products over the Internet now than in the past.
D. In general, the more that information technology is used by businesses, the better they perform.
E. Easily packaged imperishable consumer goods are those that are best suited to being sold over the Internet.

5. Flavour Foods runs The Hungry Cow, a chain of fast food restaurants located all over the country. The chain has a loyal customer base and is well-known for its signature dishes like the Big Bite Burger, Springy Fries, and the Orange Float. The company is faced with a critical decision: Should it expand its operations into China?

Which of the following, if true, would weaken the argument for competing in the Chinese market?
Select one:
A. Expanding into every market within China would require more resources than The Hungry Cow has at its disposal.
B. Studies show that modern Chinese consumers are more likely than previous generations to dine outside the home.
C. An American fast food chain found that the time to recoup its investments in China was greater under the franchise model as opposed to the corporate chain store model.
D. When choosing a restaurant, Chinese consumers seek benefits beyond simple food quality.
E. Chinese government policies can impose lengthy delays on businesses seeking food sale licenses.

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asked by Maya
  1. 1. A - I don't know
    2. E - yes
    3. A - yes
    4. B - no
    5. E - yes

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