World history

1. Which statement best describes the period known as the Old Kingdom?

It was a time of dynastic uncertainty.

It was a time of development.

It was a time of great geographic expansion.***

2. In what way was the Nile both a benefit and a disadvantage for Egypt?

It provided water and fertility, but also drew water from the surrounding desert, making it less fertile.

It provided water and fertility, but also divided Upper Egypt from Lower Egypt.

It provided water and fertility, but also brought destruction through flooding.***

3. How did mummification reflect Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife?

Egyptians believed in an afterlife in which people would need their bodies.

Egyptians believed that only people who were mummies would live forever.***

Egyptians believed that people did not really die.

4. Ancient Egyptians conducted land surveying and built monumental pyramids. What did later civilizations inherit from their innovations?

Observations in astronomy

Developments in mathematics***

Standards of timekeeping

5. Which of the following is an achievement of the ancient Egyptians?

They were the earliest civilization to farm.

They were the first multicultural empire.

The used hieroglyphs writing to communicate.***

6. Which statement best describes the status of Egyptian women?

Egyptian women were allowed to become scribes for viziers.

Egyptian women could not own property and were given few rights.***

Egyptian women had a high level of independence.

7. What was one result of the period of expansion during the New Kingdom?

Egyptians came into greater contact with the Middle East and parts of Africa.***

Egypt quickly grew too large and could not sustain itself.

Egyptians spent all their time building monuments to glorify their accomplishments.

8. Which of the following identifies important advances in learning made by the ancient Egyptians?

Hieroglyphs, knowledge of the human body, and geometry

Cuneiform, advanced farming techniques, and pyramids

Knowledge of surgery, creation of a legal code, and a writing system***

9.How did the “Black Land” impact ancient Egyptian civilization?

This hot desert land extending across North Africa protected Egypt’s Mediterranean shore.

This irrigated farmland located by the Nile provided fertile soil to grow wheat and flax crops.***

This silt-enriched farmland watered by the Euphrates grew food for the growing populations of city-states.

10. The following text refers to a book used by the ancient Egyptians. What does this book suggest about Egyptian beliefs?
To survive the dangerous journey through the underworld, Egyptians relied on the Book of the Dead. It contained spells, charms, and formulas, for the dead to use in the afterlife.

Egyptians believed their efforts in life had little or no effect on the afterlife.

Egyptians believed that time has no reality in the afterlife.

Egyptians believed that charms could protect people in the afterlife.***

11. Which popular ancient Egyptian folktale recounts the wanderings of its hero?

The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Tale of Sinuhe***

Instructions of the Vizier Ptah-hotep

12. Which correctly compares the social status of women in ancient Egypt with women in ancient Babylonian society? Select the TWO that apply.

Women’s work was not confined to the home in ancient Egypt, unlike in Babylonian society.

Women did not serve as priests in ancient Egypt, unlike in ancient Babylonian society.***

Women were allowed to own property in ancient Egypt, like in Babylonian society.

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  1. I agree with all your answers except #2.

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  4. 1-B

    Just finished my test trust me if you want

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  5. Those answers are right!!! 100%

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  8. all correct using connections academy

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  9. go to Quizlet and look up Unit 3 Lesson 2 by alyssa_lyndon and theres all the answers

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  10. try searching Unit 3 Lesson 2 Quiz Check instead

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  12. listen to anonymous if u r in connections i took it and used anonymous he gave me 100%. it doesn't seem correct on some of the answers but trust him he is right

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  13. number 11 is b not c

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