Question is: If you gain your iron from an iron citrate (Fe(C6H7O7)2) supplement, how many grams of iron citrate do you need to take to gain 8.88 mg of iron?

I tried setting this problem up, but i don't think i did it right. can someone please tell me if i did it right or not? Thanks!!

Here's what i got so far:

(8.88 mg Fe)(1g Fe/1000mg Fe)(1 mol Fe/55.85g Fe)(2 mol C6H7O7/1 mol Fe)(191g C6H7O7/1 mol C6H7O7)= .0607 g citrate

check you units...

mg Fe divides out
mole Fe divides out
mole C6H7O7 divdes out.
you are left with g C6H7O7.

Has to be wrong.

Try this...
(8.88 mg Fe)(1g Fe/1000mg Fe)(1 mol Fe/55.85g Fe)(2 mol C6H7O7/1 mol Fe)(55.85/(55.85 +2*191 )) =

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