american government

2. which of the following reflects a difference between debate on the House and the Senate floors?
A. debate in the senate has very few restraints
B. the minority party in the senate manages debate on the floor.
C. representatives in the house may filibuster a bill
D. senators may only consider bills proposed by the house

3. Which kind of bill must start in the house of representatives before it goes to the senate?
A. defense bill
B. energy bill
C. health bill
D. tax bill

4. which of the following actions would a president take if he wanted a bill to pass but did not want to have a signing ceremony?
A. the president would ask not to have a signing ceremony within 10 days of signing the bill
B. the president would sign the bill during a join session of congress.
C. the president would take no action on the bill and allow it to become law by not acting on it within 10 days
D. the president would veto the bill

my bets answers are
2. c
3. b
4. a

asked by Leslie
  1. Aaarrgghhh!

    All are wrong.

    Please study your text before you post nonsense here for everyone to see.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. is it

    2. B
    3. D
    4 C

    posted by Leslie
  3. Two of your answers are right now.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. which one is wrong

    posted by Leslie
  5. 2 is wrong
    The answer A

    posted by Anonymous
  6. Answers:

    posted by The Sparrow Prince
  7. thank you Prince!

    posted by TheRealPrincess
  8. Leslie why bother saying your "best answer's are this" its clear that you don't try.

    posted by Shadow Moon
  9. It's

    just took the quick check aced it!

    posted by Anonymous
  10. 4 is c, wtf is wrong with yall? who cares if leslie tries or not. leave her alone, you're all dumb pieces of sh*t. especially ms sue

    posted by emily
  11. 4/4 (100%)

    1. If a majority...

    Answer. B

    2. Which of the following reflects...

    Answer. A

    3. What kind of bill...

    Answer. D

    4. Which of the following actions...

    Answer. C

    I have the test pulled up right now, and just finished. I got 100%

    Ms.Sue, please learn to hold your tongue and dismay at bay. Students come here for help, not to be ratched on. If you cannot refrain from being so rude, please do us all a favor and refrain from posting. Bullying kids is not an attractive trait. Thank you.

    posted by Jeh
  12. B

    Ms sue is a snitch

    posted by Snitches stitches
  13. thanks

    posted by ms sue a ...
  14. B
    - connections academy

    posted by rabes

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