Please check my answers. Thank you!
The amount of goods and services that people want to buy.


Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points)

(02.08 LC)

Knowledge and tools that enable us to do new tasks more efficiently are knows as _____.

the internet

Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points)

(02.08 LC)

A _____ is a person who is paid a fee for professional or technical advice or opinions. This person is often hired by companies to observe business practices and make recommendations to improve performance or to provide a service.

temporary employee

Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points)

(02.08 MC)

All of the following are reasons why people work, except to _____.

win selling contests*
earn a living
satisfy interests and use skills and talents
make contributions

Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points)

(02.08 LC)

Post-secondary education is

high school
middle school
education after high school*
education before middle school

Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points)

(02.08 LC)

Your plan to enter a career is an example of a (an)

short-term goal
long-term goal*
intermediate goal
unspecific goal

Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points)

(02.08 LC)

Which of the following is a benefit you might face if you were an entrepreneur?

Unpredictable income
Flexible work hours*
Constant pressure

Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points)

(02.08 LC)

Make or provide goods and services that consumers buy and use.


Question 9 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points)

(02.08 LC)

Policy and Procedure Manuals exist to protect

both the employee and employer*
only the employee
both the employer and the customer
only the customer

Question 10 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points)

(02.08 LC)

"What courses can help you decide if an occupation is right for you?" is a question you would ask yourself during which phase of the career planning process?

Know yourself*
Explore your options
Make Plans and Take Action
Interview for a Job

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