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This excerpt is from a citizen in england in response to the colonial outrage toward the stamp act. what central arguement of the american colonists against the stamp act is not understood by the writer?

that trade was heavily restricted due to taxes, which made it difficult for the colonists to make enough money to live let alone pay the taxes

that although the tax is small, it is the idea that the colonists have to repay the british government for a war they did not support that is unjust

that it is not the amount of tax that is the problem but rather the fact that the colonists were not involved in passing the tax

that tax may seem small to those in england but for the american colonists it is a very large amount of money.


asked by Darius
  1. Taxation without representation!

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. How about "no taxation without representation" ?

    posted by Damon
  3. what a min is the answer A? please help

    posted by Darius
  4. Its c i think

    posted by rose
  5. What is it???

    posted by haljnzxlh

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