I'm not sure how to start my introduction paragraph in this 5 page essay im *discussing the effects of Loneliness and Rejection & also include psychological research and references to the novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.
I have info on Frankenstein but I'm not sure how to tie that into the general aspect of the question which is the effects of Loneliness & Rejection.

I can go on about the effets of loneliness and rejection but just don't know how to introduce the novel and the two thoughts together at the beginning.

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asked by Jess
  1. First you need a thesis statement.

    Then write an outline supporting your thesis.

    Now you're ready to write the first draft of the body of your paper.

    After you've finished the body of the paper, you'll have enough information to write its introduction. After all you can't introduce something you don't know.

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