Is 3x+8y=5 a function? I am thinking yes

asked by Victoria
  1. the equation describes a function, yes.

    if you want to write y as a function of x, then you have to rearrange things a bit:

    y = (5-3x)/8

    posted by Steve
  2. Well, do you know what a function is?

    A function is an equation where every input has only one output.

    In notation, x is the input. So the question is really asking: "Can x equal anything in following equation which will result in multiple y-values?"

    The best way to figure this out is to isolate y:

    3x + 8y = 5
    3x - 3x + 8y = 5 - 3x
    8y = 5 - 3x
    y = 5/8 - 3/8x

    So, can we get multiple y-values given any x? In this case, the answer is no, so
    3x + 8y = 5 is a function.

    posted by Graham

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