need help with math word problems.
just don't understand.
What is the number?
you have a four digit number where the thousands digit is four greater than the hundreds digit.The tens digit is twice the thousands digit. The ones digit is half of the thousands digit. What is the number



thanks for the help.
still having a hard time with this one though. what number added to the numerator and denominator for 2/11 would end up with 1/2 as the answer?

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  1. my sum of my ones and tens digit is 10.
    my tens digit is greater than my ones digit.i am a prime number.what number am i?

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  2. is it 31

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  3. write a six digit number in which the
    digit four has the value of 40,000.

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  4. Answer for your 2/11 which ended up as 1/2 is 7. To find you may use algebra as follows.
    Take the number you add as a variable. I used it as y.

    2+y 1
    ---- = --
    11+y 2

    4+2y = 11+y
    2y-y = 11-4
    y = 7

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  5. which number is obtained if u subtract 500 from the difference on highest number and lowest of three digits

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  6. Daniel thinks of an odd number between 13 and 28 the difference between the digits is 6 what is the number

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  7. Daniel thinks of an odd number between 13 and 28. The difference between the digits is 6. What is the number? 17

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