Check my answers in history PLZ

Who is "they" referred to in the following quotation?
They also established a number system based on six, dividing the hour into 60 minutes and the circle into 360 degrees, as we still do today.
A)The Akkadians
B)The Sumerians*
C)The Babylonians
D)The Assyrians

2. What is one way that Darius united the Persian empire?
A) He forced conquered people to adopt Persian customs and religion.
B) He personally oversaw every branch of the Persian government. *
C) He standardized coinage and other aspects of the Persian government.
D) He expanded his empire through peaceful means rather than conquest.

3. Why is Hammurabi's Code a great Babylonian achievement?
A)It established laws that created peace and stability.*
B) It created a system of roads that unified the empire.
C) It made people financially responsible for their military.
D) It listed all of the powers of the rulers of the empire.

4. Which best describes the three levels of Sumerian society?
A) Priests; rulers and government officials; merchants, artisans, and peasant farmers
B) Rulers, officials, and priests; lesser priests, scribes, merchants, and artisans; peasant farmers*

5. How did geography influence the development of civilizations in the Fertile Crescent?
A) The Nile River offered excellent irrigation and transportation.
B) Numerous forests and stone quarries made it easy to build large cities.
C) The region's location on trade routes between Egypt and Persia led to development of great cities.
D) Rich soil and the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers created Fertile land for farming.*

6. Which of the following from ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia had the most lasting impact on the world?
A) Ziggurats
B) Wheeled carts*
C) Cuneiform
D) Cylinder seals

Which of the following actions by Darius strengthened the Persian empire by encouraging trade? Select all that apply.
A) Encouraged the use of coins*
B) Set up express mail delivery
C) Set up common weights and measures*
D) Expanded the barter economy

8. Which enduring principle did Hammurabi's code embody?
A) Rulers are empowered to conquer and rule by divine authority.
B) Laws are made public to reinforce social hierarcies.
C) Rulers are responsible for maintaining justice and order.*
D) Laws are derived from wise customs and traditions.

9. Which characteristics describe the ancient Assyrian civilization? Select all that apply.
A) Conquerors who ruled the first known empire*
B) Warriors who acquired iron technology*
C) Farmers who terraced their fields
D) Nomads who settled on the upper Tigris

10. How did Silt influence the development of civilizations in the Fertile Crescent?
A) Soil eroded from old volcanoes blended with Tigris River mud to enrich the soil.
B) Floodwaters from melting mountain snow left silt that improved the soil.
C) Spring coastal rains of silt moistened and fertilized dry river soil.*
D) Annual floodwaters in the Nile delta washed silt inland to build up the soil.

I got confused on many so that is why there are a few guesses

asked by Nintendon't
  1. I think your answers are correct, except for 10.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Thanx!

    posted by Nintendon't
  3. You're welcome.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Were they correct?

    posted by Day Day
  5. Does anyone know if these are the correct answers?

    posted by Jerome
  6. B
    A C
    B D

    posted by Arrie
  7. 9. was actually C. and D. and 10 is B.

    posted by Ms. Suue
  8. Correction 9. was B. and D.

    posted by Ms. Suue
  9. Arrie is 100% right! TY ARRIE

    posted by Zolita
  10. Most welcome, lol.

    posted by Arrie
  11. 9 is B and D

    posted by Lily
  12. what are the right ones? did Ms. Sue get them right?

    posted by Anonymous
  13. 9 is b&d everything else is good

    posted by CCA STUDENT
  14. Artie is right

    posted by Its your boi
  15. Arrie is 100% correct

    posted by UrButt
  16. No one listen to anyone else because Arrie is 100% correct

    posted by ????????
  17. I just took the quiz, it changed. 6 & 8 are C, everything else is correct

    posted by Anna
  18. anna is right dudes

    posted by tt
  19. Anna is correct still.

    posted by Fellow connections student
  20. Just did it Anna is correct

    posted by also anonymous
  21. Arrie & anna are correct, i took this earlier today and just remembered to say thanks, so thank u

    posted by anon
  22. It is actually C: Cuneiform for number 6

    posted by Anonymous
  23. B

    posted by READ ME
  24. correct.

    posted by hadji
  25. 9 is b and c, rest are correct

    posted by frtge
  26. Just took it today. 7 is A and C.



    posted by Doragon
  27. 100% thank you so much!^^^^

    posted by It’s right!
  28. doragon is right

    posted by the actual neutral party
  29. everything is correct except #6 is C. I just took the test

    posted by ajsfjv
  30. perfect!!! =^-^=

    posted by Wolfcat

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