Social studies

Why did Thomas Paine write the Pamphlet, Common Sense?
1: to support conquering the Native Americans
2: to argue that more land should go to france and spain
3: to show that loyalty to the monarchy was wrong
4: to pledge his loyalty

What was most dangerous about signing the Declaration of Independence?
1: The signers would lose their political positions
2: The signers would be traitors, for which they would be hung if captured
3: The signers would be targets of Loyalists' anger and possible abuse
4: The signers would have to pay for the war

Why did jefferson list specific grievances against George III ?
1: To allow debate over which complaints were important
2: To encourage the support of other nations
3: to give George III a chance to address the complaints
4: To show why the colonies had the rught rebel

If any of you know the answers to these , it would be so much help :)

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  1. What do your text materials say about these questions?

  2. what where the answers

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  3. 1. c
    2. b
    3. d
    Connexus Answers hope this helps you!

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