Congresswoman Smith opened the Post and saw that a bean-counting scandal had been leaked to the press. Outraged, Smith immediately called an emergency meeting with the five other members of the Special Congressional Scandal Committee, the busiest committee on Capitol Hill.
Once they were all assembled in Smith's office, Smith declared, "As incredible as it sounds, I know that three of you always tell the truth. So now I'm asking all of you, who spilled the beans to the press?"
Congressman Schlock spoke up, "It was either Wind or Pocket"
Congressman Wind, outraged, shouted, "Neither Slie nor I leaked the scandal"
Congressman Pocket then chimed in, "Well both of you are lying"
This provoked Congressman Greede to say, "Actually, I know that one of them is lying and the other is telling the truth"
Finally, Congressman Slie, with steadfast eyes, stated, "No, Greede, that is not true."
Assuming that Congresswoman Smith's first declaration is true, can you determine who spilled the beans?

(I think Slie did it, but I can't figure out a way to make three of them tell the truth. I can only find ways for two of them to be telling the truth at any given time)

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