Here are some muliple choice questions I am stuck on. Thanks in advance for help any one can give me.

1) A falling object that has reached its terminal speed continues to gain?
b.both speed and acceleration
d.neither speed nor acceleration.
I think the answer is D because once and object reaches terminal speed nothing changes...

2)A car travels 30 meters in 5 seconds. What is its average speed?
a.6 m/s
b.25 m/s
c.35 m/s
d.150 m/s

3)It takes 6 seconds for a stone dropped from rest to hit the botom of a well. What is its final speed?
a.6 meters/second
b.30 meters/second
c.36 meters/second
d.60 meters/second.

1. you are correct
2. average speed = distance/time
3. speed = acceleration x time

so #2 is A and #3 is D?
Thanks so much :)


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