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What is the molarity of a NCL solution if 37.50 mL of the acid is needed to neutralize 25.00 mL of 0.0725 M NaOH?

I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this one.

And also this one thing.

The following technical errors were committed in standardizing the NaOH. What will be the effect of each of each on the calculated value of the molarity of NaOH?
~75 mL of water was used to dissolve KHP instead of recommended 50 mL

I have never heard of two of the chemicals you have mentioned: NCl and KHP. Please verify that you have written the formulas correctly.

Did you mean HCl instead of NCl? And KHP is potassium hydrogen phthalate. The answer to the second part of the question is "essentially no error is caused by the added 25 mL water."

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asked by Angie

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