1. He is one of the greatest men that have ever lived in America.
(Is this sentence right? What does 'America' mean? Does America mean the USA or South America and North America?)

2. Which person is the man that/which you want to meet?
(Can we use either 'that' or 'which'? Do we have to use 'that' because of the first word 'Which'?)

3. Who that has common sense can behave in that way?
(We can not use 'who' instead of 'that' here, right? Can we use 'that'way,' omitting 'in'?


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asked by rfvv
  1. 1. The best phrasing of this idea is this:
    He is one of the greatest men who ever lived in America.
    The term "America" should refer to the whole western hemisphere, but in common use, it seems to refer only to the US. All the other countries are referred to by their particular names: Canada, Mexico, Belize, Panama, etc.

    2. The words "that" and "which" should generally not be used when referring to a person. Use "who" and its forms for that purpose.
    Who is the man you want to meet? or Who is the man whom you want to meet? (The second one is a bit awkward, though, with that extra word in there.)

    3. The best way to rephrase the idea in this sentence is this, I think: Whoever has common sense behaves in that way. (You can also remove "in" and the sentence will be fine.)

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