1. how does the density of ice compare to that liquid water and why is that property important to aquatic oranisms
a. the density of ice is higher than that liquid water, which means that ice forms from the bottom of lakes upward , protecting aquatic life in waterI***
b. the density of ice is lowery than that of liqurd water, which means hat ice forms from he top of lakes downward, protecting aquatic life in witer
c. the density of ice water is higher than that liquid water, which means tha ice forms from the top of lakes downward , protecting aquatic life in winter
d. the density of ice water is lower than that liquid water, which means that ice forms from the bottom of the lakes upward, protecting aquatic life in winter

2. which of the following properties of water would be most important in protecting a fish in a shollow pond on a hot summer day?
a. the low density of water in the solid phase
b. waters strong forces of adhesion
c. the high specific heat of water
d. waters solven properties

3. which of the following is true about a suspension?
a. the solute particles are much larger than those found in a solution***
b. the solute forms a separate layer from the solvent
c. the solute dissolves in the solvent
d. the solute is broken down into individual ions or molecules

4. which of the following is true about an acidic solution
a. its pH is below 7.**
b. its hydrogen ion concentration is low
c. it is neutral
d. it can act as a buffer

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  1. 1. but ice floats. You can skate on it.

    2. The water heats up slowly so the fish makes it to dusk when the sun goes down.

    3. Yes, correct

    4. Yes, correct

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  2. The correct answers are:

    1. B
    2. C
    3. A
    4. A

    Just took it and got 100%

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  3. Helper is correct.

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  4. Helper is correct!

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  5. thanks @helper!!!

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  6. Thanks

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  7. b
    just took it and got 100% :)

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  8. bcaa

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  9. YEA!

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  10. B
    Is 100% correct! Thank you so much!

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  11. Helper is right!! THANK YOUUUU

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