Neelesh is fond of playing number games. Once when his friends were present
he challenged them. He said that he has thought of a five-digit number and
anyone who guesses it correctly can use his cycle for a full day. ‘To help you,’
he said, ‘I shall provide some clues.’ These were the clues he gave them
(a) It has 3 prime digits.
(b) The 4th digit is the highest among the five digits.
(c) The 2nd is the lowest among the five digits.
(d) Sum of the 2nd and 3rd digits is higher than the sum f the 1st and 5th digits.
(e) The 4th digit is twice the 5th digit.
(f) The 3rd and 4th digits are consecutive digits.
(g) The 1st digit is one smaller than the 3rd digit.
(h) The 5th digit is between the 2nd digit and the 1st digit.
(i) There are no duplicates and the digit 0 doesn’t appar.
(j) Don’t forget that 1 is not a prime.
Can you figure out the five-digit number Neelesh had in mind?

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asked by gayathri

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