The dimension of a rectangular metal box are 3 cm,5cm and 8cm.if the first two dimensions are increased by the same number of centimeters, while the third dimension remains the same, the new volume is 34 cubic cetimeters more than the original volume.what is the new dimension of the enlarged rectangular metal box?

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  1. (3+x)*(5+x)*8 = 120+34.
    (3x+15 + x^2+5x)*8 = 154,
    (x^2+8x+15)*8 = 154,
    8x^2 + 64x + 120 = 154,
    8x^2 + 64x - 34 = 0,
    Use Quad. Formula:
    X = (-64 +- Sqrt(4096+1088))/16
    X = (-64 +- 72)/16 = 0.50 cm, or X = - 8.50 cm.(Not valid).

    Solution: X = 0.50 cm. added.

    New Dimensions = 3.50 cm, 5.50 cm, and 8 cm.

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