Simplifying Rational Expressions

1. 4x-12/4x
2. d+7/d^2-49
Can someone help me with these,please,lol,I'm brain dead

Try to factor where you can, then simplify as much as you can.

I'll show you the first two problems; maybe you can try the rest on your own.

#1. (4x - 12)/4x
Factor the numerator (top).
We can cancel out 4 in both the numerator and denominator (bottom).
When we do that, we end up with (x-3)/x

#2. (d+7)/(d^2-49)
Factor the denominator.
We can cancel out (d+7) in both the numerator and denominator.
When we do that, we end up with 1/(d-7)

I hope this will help get you started on these problems.

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asked by mike

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