In a graduating class with the same number of boys and girls, 1/8 of the girls and 5/6 of the boys are honor students. What part of the class consists of boys who are not honor students

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  1. 1/2 of 1/6 is 1/12

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  2. let no of class=x,boys & girls are equal,boys=1/2x, 5/6*1/2x are honoured ,then 1-5/6=1/6 are not= x(1 - 5/12)=1/12x

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  3. (1/8)+(5/6)=23/24
    total students=24
    12 boys 12 girls
    5/6 honor students
    1-5/6= non honor students
    1/6 =non honor students
    (1/6)*12=2 non honor students

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  4. Your answer is a little off to the statement and wrong, showing ambiguity.
    The following solution might clear out the sense:
    Total number of students = (1/8)+(5/6)= 46/48
    Total Girls= 24
    Total Boys= 24
    Honor boys= (5/6)*24= 20
    Non honor boys= 24-20= 4
    so part of the class the non honor boys are = 4*(1/48)= 1/12

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