Can you help me find out any information about this address? My security program identified it as a virus and promptly removed it. Can you help me identify it? ADW_WEBSEARCH.AS

STay away from !@#$%^& sites, this virus is common there.

This is a trojan virus. It put all kinds of nasty entries into your computer registry. If you are running PCcillin. Do nothing. It is already taken care of. If not then go to housecall at trendmicro website.
and run their free on-line scanner.
I do not know how to get it out of the restore files that windows XP automatically makes, but it will not harm your computer there. Look at the incident (just below the message you listed): if it says restore in the name then you are "OK". Maybe someone else knows how to get it out of the restore files (probably delete the restore info and create new).


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asked by Diana

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