Are trigonometric functions taught in 11th grade, if so ,is it wrong that i wasn't tought that topic in 11th grade????plz help!!!!

asked by Lauren
  1. What math class did you take in 11th grade?

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. i took algebra 2,but i don't know why my teacher didn't bother to teach me this topic

    posted by Lauren
  3. Algebra 2 does not include trigonometric functions.

    Wouldn't a class in trigonometry teach them?

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. I think so , i was pretty distressed regarding this matter,thank you for helping me.

    posted by Lauren
  5. Yes, i learnt about trigonometric functions.

    Also i also explored it with matrices, that is, rotations and reflections around the orgin, etc.

    From Pakistan

  6. Yes, you should have learnt trig functions as it plays a big role in your grade 12 finals. just found out that trig counts 50 marks out of 150 in your finals. Study Hard guys!

    posted by Professor Anderlecht

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