Can you help me with this? I don't know how to figure it out.

the population growing at an annual rate r will triple in a time t given by the formula t = ln 3/r If the growth rate remains constant and equals 9% per year, how long will it take the population of the town to triple?
a. 6 . 6 years
b. 1 years
c. 5 . 3 years
d. 2 . 2 years
e. 12.2 years

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  1. What's to figure out? They gave you the exact formula you need. 9% growth means it grows by a factor of 1.09 each year, so

    t = ln3/ln1.09 = ?

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  2. That gives me 12.75 though which isn't one of the answers? Did I do the calculation wrong?

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  3. In3/In1.09=12.75
    should I choose answer 12.2?

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  4. *u not i

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