There are 12 more toy cars than toy trucks in a toy box with a total of 38 toy cars and trucks. How many toy trucks are in the toy box?

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  1. t + t + 12 = 38

    2t = 26

    t = _____ trucks

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 12

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  3. T+T + 12 = 38
    2T +12 = 38
    38-12 = 26
    2T = 26
    2/26 = 13
    T = 13

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  4. how did you get 26

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  5. ANSWER: 26
    12 toy cars
    26 toy trucks
    38 total toy cars and trucks in box

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  6. What do the two T’s represent?

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  7. Step One
    Toy Trucks = x
    Toy Cars = x+12 (because there are 12 more toy cars than toy trucks in a toy box)
    Total total of toy cars and trucks = 38

    Step Two
    equation = x + x + 12 = 38
    2x + 12 = 38

    Step Three
    Keep 2x as it is but use 12 to - (minus) from +12 and 38
    Which will look like this
    2x + 12 = 38
    -12 -12
    The 12 after 2x automatically get canceled out because they are same numbers.
    What remains is 2x = 26 (just to show you calculation 38-12 =26)

    Step three
    x = 26
    ----- (divide)
    Answer is 13

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