I've got a couple questions here, and I'm not sure how to solve any of them.

1. Armen is covering his countertop with new tile. His countertop is 3 meters long, and 2 meters wide. Each square tile is 10.5 centimeters on either side. Approximately how many tiles does he need to cover the countertop.

I think with this, you have to convert meters to centimeters to make the problem easier to solve, but I'm not sure exactly how to go about the rest.

2. Charlie's Chocolates charges $12 for each pound of truffles plus $25 to deliver and include advertising for school fundraising. Write an equation in slope intercept form that shows the total cost y for x pounds of chocolate.

I flat out have no clue about this one, because everything about slope intercept things confuses me.

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  1. correct about the conversion to start.
    3 m = 300 cm
    2 m = 200 cm, (isn't the metric system great??)

    but 300/10.5 = 28.5 , so you will need 29 one way, and
    200/10.5 = 19.04..
    darn!, you will have to have 20 along the width
    So you will need 20x29 or 580 tiles.

    ( in reality you might get away with 19 going one way, since grouting will take care of that little gap)


    Cost = 12x + 25

    to understand it better,
    for 1 pound, Cost = 12 + 25
    for 2 pounds , Cost = 12(2) + 25
    for 3 pounds, Cost = 12(3) + 25
    for x pounds , Cost = 12(x) + 25

    makes sense, doesn't it?

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  2. Thank you both so so much! I think I might actually get it now, lol

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