A framed picture 20 inches wide and 36 inches high is shown in the diagram below. The picture will be hung on a wall where the distance from the floor is 10 feet. The center of the picture frame must be 2 3/4 feet from the floor.

A) determine the distance from ceiling to the top of the picture frame.

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  1. No diagram. Cannot copy and paste here.

    Assuming the wall is 10 feet high:

    12(10 - 2.75) - 36/2 = ? inches

    That is extremely low to hang a picture. Usually they are hung at close to eye level.

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  2. got the same question, since the 2 3/4 ft part of the diagram appears to be halfway between both the center of the picture and the ceiling at 33 inches, divide 33 by 2 which would get you the answer that the distance between the top of the picture frame and the ceiling is 16.5 inches

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