The sum of 5th term and 24th term is 50
Find the sum of first term and 28th term.
Also find sum of 28th term of this sequence?

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  1. T5 + T24 = 50
    a+4d + a+23d = 50
    a + a+4d+23d = 50
    a + a+27d = 50
    T1 + T28 = 50

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  2. I assume you are dealing with an AS

    a+4d + a+23d = 50
    2a + 27d = 50

    sum of first and 28th
    = a + a+27d
    = 2a + 27d
    = 50

    28th term = a + 27d
    = 50 - a

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  3. the first term of a.p is 50 and the fifth term is 25 .find the sum of the first 10th term

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  4. ade mistakenly approximate 0.005642 to 2s.f instead of 2d.p. what the percentage error correct to 2 d.p

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