Dog Breeds

Please check my answer thanks

What are the two types of hair that make up a dog's coat?

A. Outer guard and undercoat
B. Under guard and topcoat

C. Dense layer and outer layer

D. Thick coat and thin layer

I think it is B because based on the Anatomy of Dog's Fur

A dog's coat actually consists of three different types of fur, all of which are shed on a regular basis.

The undercoat acts as a form of insulation, and can be extremely thick in breeds traditionally found in colder climates. However, most dogs will adapt to colder climates by growing a thicker undercoat than they would normally grow in a more temperate region. Most dogs shed most, if not all of their undercoat in the spring, preparing them for the summer months.
The guard hairs, which make up the topcoat, serve two basic functions, they protect the undercoat and the underlying skin, and they help the dog shed water.
Whiskers are, in a way, like a bug's antenna. They serve as a source of sensory stimulation for the dog.

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  1. Sounds good to me.

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  2. Here are 2 interesting sites on dog hair:

    1. 5 types of hair:

    2. 2 types of hair in the coat:

    My vet simply says "outcoat/topcoat and undercoat."


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