f(2.4) = 4(2.4) - 2.4^2 = 3.84
If I were to continue this iteration what would be the next equation? I am just confused how to continue with a problem I'm doing.

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  1. f(x) = 4 x - x²

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  2. But how do I make f^2 (2.4)? I know the equation is f(x) = 4x - x^2, I based it off that equation in the first place but I just don't know how to continue solving.

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  3. It sounds like you want a recursive sequence, where

    T(n+1) = 4Tn - Tn^2
    If so, then if
    Tn = 4*2.4 - 2.4^2 = 3.84
    T(n+1) = 4*3.84 - 3.84^2 = 0.61

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