2 algebra questions

how do u find the lest common multiple
4a^2c & 14abc^5

what decimal part of 40 is 102?

if somone could..... can u explain how to do these thanks

The least common multiple
4a^2c & 14abc^5 :

First look at the factors of each term, and to what power they appear.
4a^2c: 2,2,a(twice) and c
14abc^5: 2,7,a,b,c(five times)
Now form a term that contains all of the factors of both, for the maximum number of times that they appear: You getsounds cool
2*2*7*a^2*b*c^5 = 28 a^2 b c^5

To express 40/102 as a decimal, divide 102 into 40 (or 51 into 20), using long division. If I use my hand calculator, I get
(That is not really an algebra question)

so the ssecond proble would be 40 divided by102?


how do you do weighted averages?
ex. a pineapple drink contains 15% juice. how much pure pineapple juice should be added to 8 quarts of the drink to obtain a mixture containing 50% juice.

a cup of pie = pieman so... that answer is BOGGER

yes i know i am soo smart

thank you

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