A shopkeeper marked the price of an article a certain percent above cp and he allowed 16% discount to make 5% profit. If a customer paid rs.9492 with 13% vat to buy article by what percent is MP above CP of article?

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  1. MP*.84 = CP*1.05
    MP/CP = 1.05/0.84 = 1.25

    so, the original markup was 25%

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  4. A shopkeeper marked the price of an article a certain percent above the cost price and he allowed 16% discount to make 5% profit .if a customer paid rs 9492 with 13 vat to buy the article ,by what percent is the marked price above the cost price of the article ?

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  8. Let a certain percent be x%
    S.P,=S.P+VAT%of s.p
    5={(s.p.-c.p)÷c.p}×100 where (p=s.p-c.p)

    Similarly,from Question

    S.P.=M.P.-d%of m.p.



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