please can u help i need to a structure of a polymer and i dentify the monomer unit and include three monomer units,from the compound
AND STATE THE POLYMERIZATION INVOLVED IN FORMING THE POLYMER,please help i have tried ,but i cant make head nor tail of it

The CH3 you show at the bottom I presume belongs attached to the last CH on the right so it would look like this.

I emailed a friend last week who has a Ph. D. in organic chemistry and he has advised me that he suspects that H2O splits out from the OH and the terminal CH3 to make 1,3-butadiene, which is the monomer.
Then the 1,3-butadiene polymerizes. The repeating unit would be
(-CH2CH=CHCH2-)n and n can be any number of units you wish. I hope this helps.

thank you Dr bob

opps.... sorry

thank you DrBob222

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