Social Studies

1. How did mechanization change the agricultural industry? (Choose all that apply.
1. it increased production of crops caused the cotton industry to decline
3.made dairy products safer to consume
4.caused a decrease in efficiency

2.which of the following are aspects of crop diversity?
1. the growth of multiple crops
2.when the seedlings of plants come from different countries
3.when plants are genetically altered to create the most favorable result.
4.when immigrants join with citizens to plant and harvest crops

my best answer is 1. B and D 2. A and D

please check @Ms.Sue

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asked by Anastasia
  1. @Ms.Sue

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    posted by Anastasia
  2. 1. B and D - no and no
    2. A and D - yes and no

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. 1. A and C
    2. A and C
    3. A, B, D

    just did the lesson i got a 6/7 but these answers are 100% correct trust me. if i could show a screenshot to prove it i would do it.

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    posted by Zurai
  4. Zurai is correct. Thank you @zurai

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    posted by logan
  5. zurai is right -2017

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    posted by jd
  6. Zurai is right for 2018 as well for lesson 9 unit 4 :p

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    posted by Unknown......

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