A. Weaken if under stressful conditions for an extended period of time
B. Physical ailment caused by stress
C. Positive stress
D. Releases by the liver to increase the body's energy
E. Produce the hormones adrenaline and cortisol
F. Emotional or physical strain caused by outside pressures
G. Signals the adrenal glands to produce hormones
H. Negative stress
I. Stress-response
J. Response to stress in which the body attempts to improve vision

1. Adrenal Glands____
2. Distress____
3. Fight or Flight____
4. Hypothalamus____
5. Ulcers____
6. Pupils Dilate____
7. Eustress____
8. Glucose____
9. Immune System_____
10. Stress_____

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  1. 1.E
    3. I
    4. G
    5. B
    6. J
    7. C
    8. D
    9. A
    10. F

    I think :P

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  2. Your Correct!!! Thank You!

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  3. You're welcome ^-^

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