Farah, Kate and Jane have managed their savings well. The sum of Farah and Kate's savings is $1548. Farah and Jane's savings sum up to $1842. The ratio of Kate to Jane's savings is 4 : 7. How much has Farah saved?

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  1. !@#$%^& = 1548
    f+j = 1842
    subtract those two equations:
    j-k = 294
    j = 294 + k

    k/j = 4/7
    4j = 7k
    j = 7k/4

    sub into j = 294+k
    7k/4 = 294 + k
    times 4
    7k = 1176 + 4k
    k = 392

    then j = (7/4)(392) = 686
    f+j = 1842
    f = 1156

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    posted by Reiny
  2. Delvin, Eric and Felicia have 478 stickers.
    Delvin has 4 times as many stickers as Eric.
    Felicia has 397 stickers more than Delvin.
    How many stickers does Delvin have?

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