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What volume of hydrogen gas at STP would be evolved in a reaction of 36.0mg of 98% pure aluminum with the hydrogen being an ideal?

I got the ml of hydrogen, but I don't know how to work it with AL being 98%pure.

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  1. equation does not make sense as typed.
    2Al + 6 H+ ---> 2 Al+3 + 3 H2(gas)
    The aluminum is 98 % pure
    so we really have .98*36 =35.3 mg of Al
    How many moles of Al is that?
    Al is 27 grams/mol
    so we have 35.3 *10^-3 g / 27 g/mol = 1.31 * 10^-3 mol of Al
    I get 3 moles of H2 for every 2 moles of Al
    so moles of H2 = (3/2)(1.31*10^-3) = 1.96 *10^-3 mol of H2
    at STP an ideal gas is about 22.4 liters/ mole
    1.96 *10^-3 mol * 22.4 L/mol = 43.9^10^-3 L = .0439 L = 43.9 mL

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    posted by Damon
  2. Thanks so much! Sorry about the equation, it was 3 H2.

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