Given quadrilateral ABCD,ABllDC, diagonal AC.
we can prove that angle 1= angle 2, but cannot prove angle 3=angle4 Why is this. What must be true about the sides of the Quadrilateral in order to prove that angle 3 is congruent to angle 4?
My answer:
The sides of the quadrilateral must be parellel and that the coresponding angles are congruent to each other. Am I on the right path here? Help pleeeeeeese!
Thanks much

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  1. Ab||cd
    i.e. They are similar so u can fk them

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  2. What is an equiangular triangle?
    A. a triangle in which all interior angles have equal measure
    B. a triangle in which only two interior angles have equal measure
    C. a triangle in which no interior angles have equal measure
    D. none of the above

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