My dog all of a sudden has a small bright red lump on her front left leg. I have no idea what it is, and I'm kind of worried. It might just be a scab or something, but I don't know. Does anyone know what it could be?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Be sure to take your dog to the vet. Do you have ticks in your area? One of my dogs has a benign tumor and even after removing it, it grew back.

We do have ticks, and we just got back from vacation and picked up my dog. She was staying with my horseback riding instructor who, obviously, has a barn. So it might be a tick fom the horses. Can you treat ticks at home or do you have to take her to the vet?

Frankly I would not fool with it. I have 3 rescue dogs and I take them to the vet when there is any problem. From experience, I know ticks can create a lump as they burrow under the skin to "feed."

Thank you, SraJMcGin. We'll definitely take her to the vet. I looked it up, and our area is rated "High risk" for ticks.

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